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What do you think about Weird Al Yankovic?


| There's just one flavor good enough for me, yeah me
Don't gimme no crummy taste spoon
I know what I need

Baby, I love rocky road
So weren't you gonna buy half a gallon, baby
I love rocky road
So have another triple scoop with me

| I never got into his original stuff but his parodies are catchy af

| I still listen to some of his old parodies now, and there are times when I accidentally sing his lyrics to a song instead of the real ones.

| Absolute win

| >>668502
Yeah, same

| >>668502 >>668532
It's fun to mix the lyrics with the originals.

"And I sit at home, drinking whiskey and cry
Singing: soon I'm gonna be a Jedi
Soon I'm gonna be a Jedi~"

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This thread is permanently archived