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What do you think of Sewerslvt?

| (S)he makes good music, but I don’t rate his(her) behaviour on Twitter aswell.

| I love his music but it seems he is an unironic tranny that supports terorism...

| >unironic tranny

There's something so sad yet so beautiful about that combination of words.

| >>e9a65d tranny or not whatever but pro terrorism? Kinda cringe jajaja

| >>665765
Yeah. Terrorism ain't gucci.

| >>ccb54e The problem is that he is eventually going to commit suicide, trannnies never really pass and if people express their concerns they simply deflect it by accusing people as "concern trolling"

| >>e9a65d yeah something about trans people and suicide go hand in hand. Thats backed by some statistics I saw somewhere. I personally enjoy his stuff but as a casual viewer I just dont think me and people in my shoes can really do jack squat.

| >>666167
Yeah, that's true. For some weird reason the rate of suicide amongst people who are hated and looked down upon is pretty high. Probably because they're different. I think giving them a lot of shit for being something I'm not would help with that, because then they know they're horrible people and wrong, so they won't kill themselves.

| >>ccb54e Yeah that is true

>>31c071 It is almost as if cutting off your genitalia and try to larp as someone that you are never going to be can result in disasterous consequences... Also they already hate themselves so people dont even need to do anything lol

| Guys who the fuck cares if he's a tranny his music is sick and that's all that matters to me. I mean I don't want him to commit suicide but it doesn't take away from how good his music is

| >>18b146 its true, sewerslvt puts frums and goreshit in the trash with some of thier tracks

| >>ccb54e nah I don't think sewerslvt tops goreshit. They both have different styles

| Sewerslvt is amazing, I love the chaotic and nihilistic vibes that I get while listening. The track Mr Kill Myself just puts me to peace, knowing that there's no hope.

Also it's kinda obvious why trans people have high suicide rates, not many people support them, thinking that they are mentally ill, and so trans people think there's no hope, noone loves them, yanno, thoughts that make them slide down the sewer.

| Btw Sewerslvt identifies as female, so uhh, be respectful of their pronouns

| >>667474 >>667475 She recently deleted alot of older videos and music she had. Which is sad to see happen. I believe in her YouTube announcement in which she said she was doing this she was getting alot of hate from social media platforms saying "kill yourself tranny" and other terrible things. Which I think with the surge in popularity your bound to get hatred from randos but,it is always sad to see your favorite creators getting hate for baseless reasons.

| >>667693
>Names himself "Cop killer" on twitter
>Openly supports terrorist organizations like BLM, is extremely opinionated
>Names himself after a IRL woman that were brutally murdered and raped because of his fetish
>Consistently talks shit about imageboards

"Getting hate for baseless reasons" my ass

>>667475 so he is a man

| /pol/? In my /mu/? It's more likely than you think!

| >>667720 are you a newgurl? Have you even played va11halla?

| >>c5f654 what's that?

| >>668496
Troll or newfag.
I call troll.
Anyone wanna bet against me?

| >>666782
Hitlers paintings were nice too.

| sewerslut makes some really good music -even though many seem like copy pastes of each other lately. the idea of those songs is nice. as the other anon said - this feeling that i get fron mr. killmyself is unique and easily the best song from sewerslut.
i find it so sad that she literally gets harassed every day for being the way she is. how are those harassers not mindless monkeys who just jump on the "haha bullying trans people is funni kek based" train? literal brainlets

| also it is a question of whether you separate the artist from their work. f.e. i enjoy azaelia banks music but everyone knows she is one of the most problematic and perfectionists musicians out here . same with sewerslut. shes allowed to have whatever opinion she wants and say whatever comes into her mind but i dont care as i only focus on her work/music

| >>6c6a83 if they were a white supremacist youd have trouble saying that.

| >>668639
Bro, as someone mentioned above, Hitler's paintings. They're fucking great! Like, I genuinely like his paintings, even though I'm very much not a fan of wars and exterminating races and shit.

| This thread is a wild ride

| Pretty fantastic imo. Im a sucker for dnb, and i go to machine girl shows alot, a nice mix of the two i think

| >>666174
thats what im sayin'!

| >>69985e we should stop ignoring the fact that western society basically worships fags of every kind and color. Companies pretend to give a shit cause its the popular shit to do. Imo that speaks volumes about our culture. Its not a bad thing but its getting in the way of helping mentally fucked gays.

| Sewerslvt is a god send

| Good music but 42%

| Seriously, what's with the fucking transphobia?

I like Sewer's music although yeah it's pretty much just a lot of popular music samples, but what Sewer pisses me off about is how she had a lewd artwork of Lain (who's a kid) as a music cover for her Cyberia tracks. That's the only thing that upsets me since it sexualizes Lain.

Seriously though, stop with the transphobic shit, that shouldn't be what determines if it's a good person.

| Oh and the fucking Junko Furuta shit, I'm not happy about that.

But don't fucking blame it on her being trans, jesus christ

| 40%

| Its almost as if trannies are degenerates. ????

| >>670167 you overestimate the kindness of people with complete anonymity

| >>670167
Hold up.
You talk down on the people who are transphobic, but you dislike the artist because she had a loli as an album cover? Hmm.

| >>0be11d Yes, because it was a loli giving a blowjob who is canonically a teen, and because transphobia is fucking awful too. The artist being trans shouldn't be what constitutes if it's a decent person. The stuff with Lain and Junko is something that is legitimately disgusting and I have no problem criticizing her for that or seeing others dislike that, but transphobia is just absurd because being trans isn't anything bad.

| >>0be11d I feel like being sexually attracted to kids would be the greater issue here. Its not like trans people are evil like pedos.

>>88c027 nothing transphobic about telling trans people to get mental help. They clearly need it with all the hormones and shit they have to swallow.

| >>670440
I did not know the context though, did I? The message I replied to only said "lewd", not straight up pornographic.

If people don't do anything bad then they're good people in my opinion, no matter their attractions. Probably shouldn't get into this discussion though, considering it's against the rules.

| >>f3d545 against the rules or not, being a pedo removes your right to be called a good person.

| >>670664
Sure, but I'm warning you again, talking about this topic can get you banned.

| Fuck off janny

| >replying by IDs

| I just hurdur listen to the music.
He's been groomed by the discord trannies so the only thing to look forward to is music. He was a edgelord back when he was sadboy Sheldon and now he's gone full fuck trump tranny mode.

| >>abf143 brother was groomed into a tranny nazi over discord. Smh. He's hit my mother and demanded hormones. Nigga is only 14

| Beat the fucker until takes orders from you like a fucking slave

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