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Does anyone else here like making her own music?


| I know there's an artist who drops by every once and a while. They go by the name "Palm Fires". Def check em out. I buy all their stuff.

| been goofing around in FL and ableton, would love to release some of my own music someday

| >>622207 Palm Fires is pretty good. I think Feather is my favorite of theirs. Though I like the tracks they did for Stella and Yukiko too.

| I've been toying around with music production for awhile now. Mostly being held back from completing & releasing a track due to lack of sounds/plugins I like. Everything so far I'd made with just stock plugins and random samples. I need to spend some time doing some sound design and just haven't sat down to actually do so.

| >>623219 ive just made all my songs with pokemon gen5 soundfonts

| I've been in and out of music for some time now. It wasn't till recently that I decided to try to put myself out there. I currently have three tracks out on SoundCloud if anyone wants to give a listen. It's a bit on the "deep house" side. Search: Psyber Kat "Move Me" if you are looking for a vibe.

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This thread is permanently archived