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| https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DtVR2M5-A-c



| tru

| Go listen to him

| Pretty good !

| didn't expect to see him here lmao
i mean on one hand amazing music
other hand... lewd lain album art

| Thank you g/u/rl, very cool!

| I used to listen to his mashups years ago, looks like he's been busy!

| Op has a good taste

| Came here to recommend them, sense I'm just a tad too late

| >>620690 fuck people who lewd underage anime girls. It ruined the music for me

| >>b8f5ef yeah it was a stupid move on his part which sucks when he's got actually got really good music and isn't a neckbeard or anything (he's like 19) but still is just "why"

| just remembered he sampled silent hill 2 for a song and then remembered it was called "lolibox." why

| His music really reminds me of UT99. Pretty unique stuff

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This thread is permanently archived