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I like music but I'm always kind of embarassed to talk about it

| My taste isn't even that weird or embarrassing (although it's not mainstream at all). But I just find music a really personal thing that's not something you talk about to other people.

So when I say, yeah, I like music, and the other person asks me what my fav bands are I just kinda clam up.

Anyone else feel like this?

| Yes when I was in high school. Not so much after that. Talking about favorite music artists is just like talking about favorite foods, drinks and pretty much everything. Everyone is different, so it's not a big deal to have a different taste in music.

| I've had favorite bands that were super personal and non-mainstream that used to mean a lot to me. But then I expressed the bands to my friends and at the time, I heard it all the time. Kinda lost the charm.

| >person asks me what my fav bands are
>I just kinda clam up
That's me every single time. You aren't alone there. I'm not only like that with music but just about everything.

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Yeah, I know it's no big deal actually, but it's just this subconscious thing.

I used to be like that, but I'm pretty okay with most everything else now. Like, ask me my fav video games and I will blow your ears off.

It's just music that feels specifically personal? Idk

| I think I used to feel like that, but when my preferred genre is rap and all my homies listen to rap, well, yeah. I quickly stopped caring about it, and actually enjoy talking about it now.

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I just answer "good music" and leave it there. People seem to think I'm an ass and stop asking.

| Assert your dominance by playing lofi on speakers everywhere you go.

| I'm on the opposite side. I love talking about my musical tastes and discovering new things my friends talk about. If I didn't do that, I would have spent the last years listening to rock music mainly.

| I feel the same, though a lot is because I'm mostly into a lot of music from games, anime, and mashups found online. My mom is a classically trained musician and very snobbish when it comes to her taste (although she means well and understands I have different interests), and my older sister tends to judge everything I'm into and get annoying. So I mostly keep my interests to myself, especially my music.

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