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Tell me the song[s?] you listen to most right now!

| Tell me what song or songs you listen to most often, please and thank you!

| Strangely got back into listening to Get Scared, Don't Forget the Sun being the obvious one.
SADWRIST's magiskk㔺㪯bläckfiskk is also quite nice.

| No, you tell me first, n00b. If you show me yours I'll show you mine.

| I've been back to listening to Touhou arrange albums. Demetori is always at the top of that list

| Atrophy by 3TEETH

| Ouran Highschool Toast Club - Jank
Especially if you like the emo.

| I have listened to Super Zodiac by The Comet is Coming ~30 times today. It's a BANGER.

| Repeatedly listening to the Celeste soundtrack. The 2Mello mix of Mirror Temple is solid

| If today was your last day - Nickelback

| Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble - Sirocco

| welcome to bangok - brand new

| Baby you're a haunted house by Gerard way, to get in that spooky spirit

| Lovestruck by Egoist

| Plastic Love - Mariya Takeuchi "feat, mom0ki"
Brighter Side - Dj Okawari "feat, Amanda Diva"

| Magnolia eclair and dice of the guilty gear and smooth by santana

| Power by Kanye West

| Sour Sugar - Bauhaus & Rosanne Cash mashup mix

| Vantage - Power Make Up. Can't get enough of the track and the cassette is expected to reach me this week

| karnivool - "cote"

the contortionist - "the parable"

headphones on, eyes closed, both are just phenomenal

| Track 10 by Charli XCX
is this 6th wave emo?

| Lucky Girl - Fazerdaze
I Can Speak - Soul Monsters
Cult of Personality - Varsity
Lakes - Worst Party Ever
Chemicals - Rosemary Fairweather

| Now playing: Snobbism by Neru

| Osanpo desu - Azumanga daioh soundtrack

| Getij by chimmoku

| Marlboro Nights by lonely god

| Androp - Memento Mori, ft. Aimer

| Tsujitsumaawase ni umareta bokura by Amazarashi.

| Tom's Diner - Suzanne Vega

Plastic Love is really good.

| Zutomayo!!!

| Funky Love Child by Pizzicato V.


| >>605216 I don't think you know what that word means...

| to the moon by olli
the middle 8 always cracks me up : )

| >>604547
my absolute 21st century schizoid man

| Arthur Russell - See Through Love

| TheFatRat - Mayday

| November has come-Gorillaz

| 宵々古今 by REOL

| Enough to Believe - Bob Moses

| Probly johnny's boy bones by colter wall

| Ayako Saso - Blood vessel of the city
...And Yuna - Castaway; That song is amazing

| So far ive been listening to commodores - easy and hurt by oliver tree

| Let the Music Play - Shannon

| リセットミー - IZNA

| gray by sajou no hana

| saeed - Infected Mushroom. IM bitches where you at?

| Bob In Dacron, First Movement - Frank Zappa

| First 6 tracks from Pitfalls by Leprous

| Smell of the game from Guilty Gear

| Only Acting and Time Today by Kero Kero Bonito

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