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Black cowboy man goes Cyberpunk

| https://youtube.com/watch?v=bXcSLI58-h8

The music is pretty short but the video nailed it. Especially the aesthetics.

Anyways, if you can it would be cool to share some songs that has cyberpunk aesthetic on them.

| Not my favorite style of rap, but damm was that a solid video

| I saw that when it came out. Cool to see cyberpunk aesthetics in a mainstream music video, but I really didn't enjoy the song. Would be cool to see Logic or someone like that make a music video like that though. He already has sci-fi themed album, so it is a possibility.

| damn it was done by mike diva! extremely talented dude.

| https://youtu.be/oTN6cGmH2yM

| https://youtu.be/lx2fZU5USus
billy idol - shock to the system

the poor dude will become a meme because of cyberpunk 2077. damn zoomers. it happened to john denver too.

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This thread is permanently archived