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I enjoy Mumble Rap

| It doesn't really matter to me since english isn't my first language, I can only understand a few words on them anyways.

Also, it's fun to try to decipher whatever they are saying and sometimes the beat are more catchy imo

| I enjoy mumble rap since it is ficused more on the sound and melodies than just the lyrics

| Mumble rap is better than normal rap

Rap's one of the few genres I enjoy more when I don't understand the lyrics

| Anyways, Carti's new album is coming THIS FRIDAY, it's been hyped for a long time.
If you like Mumble, then you'll probably like Cartinese.

| When it comes to mumble rap I only really enjoy BBNO$, because most his shit is fun and not that difficult to understand even though it's mumble. I prefer rap that has actually lyrics though. 2pac, Kendrick, Logic, Rich Brian (his new album), Yazhick, Joyner, all that good shit.

I don't enjoy when rap songs have shit lyrics and are easy to understand though. Like, if it's political rap, has a message or is just really good, it's fine. But trash that's easy to understand is shitty.

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This thread is permanently archived