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| Does anyone actually listen to songs on the radio anymore?

I know I don't, and I haven't for a very long time. I don't enjoy it as much as I did when I was younger. If I want to find new bands, I Google artists similar to what I enjoy listening to. I can find bands new albums online that don't play on the radio. Also bands that I like in general don't play on the radio.

| Agreed, but I listen to it in the car (that's about the only time really). My only other choices are CDs or cassettes.

| not really. i just listen to online radios (like radio.dangeru.us) when i don't feel like picking an album to listen to.

| We have that radio in france called OuïFM that's pretty nice and comfy. At least it was before, now I don't listen as much. I remember some nice saturday evenings...
There were some nice shows, about rock music and its history. At night you had some heavier stuff some days, and there was also a show for british rock, i liked it very much...

| I have really fond memories of staying up late at night and enjoying all the music playing on the radio. Sometimes I'd even call the hotline and request songs.

But I dont enjoy songs on the radio as much, so I have a book of CDs in my car. I also bought a bluetooth adapter so I could connect my phone and play music that way.

| I listen to KUVO in Colorado, US, pretty regularly. Mostly jazz (which is great), but when I'm getting off work late they play some cool synth, chillhop, etcetera. Found some cool artists through them, and sometimes I hear downtempo I recognize.

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This thread is permanently archived