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Help start my band

| Pick a genre, name the Band, name 3 people, pick how they die.

I'll go first.
2.Napalm in my nipple
3.Man-goose, splurge, eddie
4.obsessive cover band summons succubus for their brutal idols. They get succed a little too hard.

| 1. Genre: sex
2. name of band: sex
3. 3 names of people: sex, sex, sex.
4. how they die: sex.

| 1. Symphonic metal
2. Arcadius animata
3. Kai, Jensen, Tulio
4. Old age, airplane crash, throat problems from the singing

| 1: Dark-Electronic Stoner Metal
2: Bloodstar Cult
3: Ghoul (Lead), Reaper (Drums), Banshee (Vocals).
4: Bar fight. Cancer. Shot while on a coke binge.

| 1. Art rock, alt rock, elements of progressive and electronic music

2. Infratrigon

Stas Rydd (vocals, bass, electric violin)

Johan Weigl (electric/acoustic guitar, bass, piano/synths)

Gus Derek "Polyplane" Higgs (drums, backing vocals, rhythm guitar in some sequences)

Dies at 64 from a lung infection

Dies at 83 from a heart attack

Gets into a car accident at 38 after which he can't play any instrument properly. Stabs himself after 3 years of depression (41 years)

| genre Esoteric Drone Metal
name Thad Gornuka
3 people
Jamie "Jouska" Sverlodsk (Guitar, Bass, vocals)
Linda "Lane" Garren (Vocals, digital art and promotion)
Matt "Cossack" Degussy (Percussion, Synth)
Jamie C0² asphyxiation
Linda Vehicular catastrophy
Matt Natural death
- - Matt slowly creeps into depression after Linda's death

| (how is this helping pls, i'm not sure)

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