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/mu/ necromancy: The heck kinda weird shit do you listen to?

| No active threads, so some distasteful content is needed. Namely, what kind of distasteful music do you freaks listen to?

I'm actively bopping to Guitar Vader

| I love sex.

| Guitar Vader is awesome!

I unironically listen to eurobeat remixes of anything, and space jam mash-ups too

| Unironically enjoy experimental and noise. I appreciate Pulse Demon but it's too monotonous. Love the shit out of Zach Hills Astrological Straits

| >>593049
Hell yea.

| >>592985
heh, i know them from the jet set radio soundtrack

| Crazybus theme music on loop.

| burzum is a good band

| Bestial Black Metal, Slam Brutal Death, Pornogrind... You know, the usual.

| ambient shit

| russian hardbass lol

| Dark Cabaret. Tardigrade Inferno is cool

| trying out Swans' To Be Kind and it's pretty wild
god bless Oxygen

| I don't find this weird but others might

imstillhere by aria and awfully fucked by aria

| Macula Dog

| Chocomint Ice

| Been listening to The Dear Hunter pretty frequently

| >>593523
I know a friend of the inventor of Russian hardbass. I could hook you up.

| Ambient
Currently listening to Thomas K├Âner

Nice. I prefer Bring the sun, tho

| >>593076
Imagine being so shallow you can't enjoy E-Rotic

| I listen to my friend's one man project called "Pissed Rag". He sings about some life aspects in satiric over the top way. Some lyrics are really good quality in it's own way but for many people these recordings will sound like some underground wannabe garbage. I personally really respect and love these works of his.

| Muse - You fucking motherfucker

| Voltaire

| Been listening to a lot of shoegaze, i wish i knew how to navigate the genre to find new stuff more easily

| >>594307
browse rym's genre listings for shoegaze and find something nice ig

| >>594082 ive been listening to some voltaire recently. Not quite the same but The World/Inferno Friendship Society has a similar feel.

| >>2559c1 >>408f72 thanks ill check em out, thanks a bunch

| I unironically listen to extratone/supertone. For the uninitiated, that goes around 1000-1000000 bpm. The new comeback album by diabarha is a masterpiece. If you dont like extratone, i implore you to listen to austere lights by him

| >>594960 I want to like Extratone, but it actually gives me a minor anxiety attack. I tried, and deeply regretted it. Cool stuff, but not for the fragile-minded.

| https://youtu.be/TT0jkTRywIk

| >>595159 listen to austere lights. The bpm is crazy high, but not what you would expect. I am sure you wont regret it.

| Animal Crossing Soundtrack

| >>6c3c4d fuck yeah, man

| I don't know if yal have heard of Hakushi Hasegawa, but if yal are looking for the periphery of strange, this man balances on it like an act. Lol

| I'm loving almost all the stuff in this thread

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