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what instrument do you play

| i play guitar and bass and a bit of keys. i want to learn to play the harmonica because that seems fun

| I used to play Baritone(not the trumpet thing, but the slightly smaller tuba). I don't play anything now though, and I've almost completely forgotten how to play Baritone. It would be fun to learn an instrument again, but I don't have any I'd like to play.

| I guess I can kinda say I play the 12-hole ocarina...
But maybe it's a stretch because I only know 2 songs and both are very short

| Ocarina, if you can call two tunes from undertale "playing"

| Lots of percussion instruments. Tend to lean toward drums over keyboard. Used to be on drumline back in high school playing quads, super fun to play.

| I play the violin, though I've been wanting to learn how to play the electric guitar or bass for a while now

| I play the famitracker :P

| famitracker is legit dude, respect

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This thread is permanently archived