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let's post our 3 favorite artists and assume things about eachother

| what it says on the tin. i'll start:

-Françoise Hardy
-芸能山城組 (Geinoh Yamashirogumi)
-Dean Blunt

| >>591852 I assume you like obscure stuff and you're a weeb too
My turn!
1. Electric Light Orchestra
2. Scandroid
3. Jamiroquai

| >>591860
You're kind of weird and nerdy, but cool and pleasant.

1. 2pac
2. Logic

| >>591882
you're biracial

| 1. Starsailor
2. King Crimson
3. Boris
for now, anyway

somewhat introvert-y, but optimistic and fairly social

adventurous, open-minded, and probably a bit wild

| Legionarii, Fraunhofer Diffraction, Girl in Red

now that aint an easy one is it

| I'm seeing some good shit here.

Here's mine.

1.Oingo Boingo
3.Steely Dan

| Muse

i can't judge any of you.

| >>592065
Damn. You nailed that.

| >>592110 which
>kinks outdo veins

| >>592115
The latter.

| >>592128
i'll rate anyone on request if you ponder on >>592066

| Project 86
Flyleaf (Pre-New Horizons)
ll nøthing ll

I am also at a loss, as I have listened to very little here.

| 1. PJ Harvey
2. Jonwayne
3. Shoji Meguro

| ¤talking heads
¤snail's house
¤animal collective

| -Black Moth Super Rainbow
-Sweet Trip
-Kill Bill

Hates society
Cute shy g/u/rl

| >>592405
has done shrooms, also a huge weeb

| I'm bad at this

You like obscure stuff but also enjoy simple things ?

Use jojo to discover music or is pissed about jojofags ruining music

-Tim Hecker

| >>592455
>You like obscure stuff but also enjoy simple things ?
more or less accurate, yeah.
very nice

| 1. TWRP
2. Red Vox
3. Garoad

| Shingo Annen
Bill Evans
Van Darkholme

| Daft Punk
David Bowie
Electric Light Orchestra

Hard decisions, but those are probably my top 3.
Can't really say anything about anyone here though!

| >>592444
Havent done shrooms but want to try
Also am a weeb but I wouldnt call myself a huge weeb. My completed list is lacking

| 1. Micfri
2. DaveDays
3. Michael Jackson

| with only 3 bands to choose from, I can present a hugely malleable image

I'll go with

1. fhána
2. haken
3. ride

| >>592601
fhána and ride are great, haven't heard the 3rd
You probably like going out but when you do you zone out and your friends think you're distant

-Coheed and Cambria
-Birthday Massacre

| >>592200 I don't hate society. I think it's flawed but I'm not gonna go all edgy about and shit lmao

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