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| For a while my imagination was going wild with a world where the protagonist is driving a motorcycle across sand dunes heading away from a cluster of golden buildings with black trim and blue lights, similar to Dune 2000 or Eve Online's Amarr, on a planet with enough atmospheric pressure but no oxygen, the population being slaves to those in power because of it.

Recently I heard one of you on a thread mention "solarpunk", I have a name for it now, solarpunk.

| Well that sounds pretty cool!
Try doing some art about it to add new stuff to that or to build a story behind the biker protagonist
It's human?

| Yes human, I like the Dr. Who approach that humans spread far and wide.
The biker is actually a lone wolf trying to find an elusive settlement that is rumored to make their own oxygen, he'd been put on a wanted list for a crime he didn't commit, and he figured if he was going to die, might as well make a break for it.

I was inspired by this playlist

| So Mad Max without the raiders.

| Oh, and all the billboards, computer screens, all displays are monochrome amber... I don't know what's wrong with me but that's somehow impotant.. Blue lights and amber screens, and their planet is really close to the sun so only the poles are habitable, so for half a year they have the scorching sun on the horizon 24 hours a day.. Yes..
And since they rely on the sun for energy, the rest of the year is spent in near total darkness except dim blue lights.

| I'm not making this up on the spot I swear, I've been looking for gold/golden solar panels for a while by now, as if I could build my own house to the style of that world

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This thread is permanently archived