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Am I the only one who hates this anime?

| Like honestly I don't really understand the hype behind this anime.
I tried watching it but got really bored of it real fast because I honestly didn't understand the context of what was going on at all.
It just straight up boggled me.
Maybe I might give it another watch and see what happens, I don't know.

| It's not for everyone, that's for sure. And it's not meant to be understood immediately, more like after a couple of rewatches and some contemplating.
Slow/boring? Yeah, really. Don't force yourself to watch it if it's not your thing.

| Yeah, it's not for people who want action and shit. Personally I love slower anime and I also like stuff that has some weird ass concepts and complicated shit, so it's pretty perfect for me. I get why some people don't like it though.

| You're just too stupid to get it, sorry.

| It's a much more philosophical and existential anime, and frankly it's the least anime-feeling anime I've ever seen. It is definitely not an anime to say "hey you like anime? watch this one" to any weeb. Personally, I despise most anime due to all the anime tropes they have, but because Lain feels so different and actually closer to something I enjoy, it's my favorite anime.

It's also definitely confusing as hell for newcomers and you have to pay complete attention to it, no phone

| >>624757
It was made on the go. The whole point is that you can take the interpretation you want from it or just enjoy the aesthetic. There are as many Lain as there are people who know her, and all of them are real. SEL is somehow a mirror of yourself and the way you see the world, like everything, but overtly so. She actually lives in your heart, OP.
If you want something more structured made by the same people, watch Texhnolyze instead.

| >>625326

| Which anime?

| >>8532f0 watching texhnolyze rn for the first time and god damn it nails the show not tell but it's definitely too slow for some

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This thread is permanently archived