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Most cyberpunk city in North America?

| Having a hard time thinking of one

| I've heard that Mexico City is, though i haven't been there

| los angeles
>go anywhere downtown
>literal rows of people living in tents
>hundreds of carts lined up on the curb filled with what little belongings they have
>entire city covered in a brownish-orange haze
>entire city smells like shit
>take a couple turns
>in no less than a 30 minute drive, end up driving past beautiful mountainside homes & suburbs with pools that have more area than some houses

| >>623742
There's a reason it was the setting for Blade Runner, pretty much sums it up.

| >>623742
I would agree, but Los Angeles isn't very high-tech, so idk.

Never been there! But interesting thought.

| tbh cyber city sounds kinda shit though like dirty utopia

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This thread is permanently archived