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| I want to play Snatcher
But sadly I associate the game with a shitty friend that I need to cut off
How can I bring on new associations with the game?
This is a dumb question, I know, but give me your best answers.

| Just play it ffs

If I wouldn't play games because I associate it with shitt friend I had, I wouldn't play any games.

| Yeah playing it is the only way, eventually those feelings go away.

| push through it, my guy. maybe try policenauts, then move onto it?

| Neo Kobe Pizza!

| what is this game about?

| It's a cyberpunk game by Hideo Kojima

| Can't go through ice without breaking it, just do it lol

| You gotta find new associations. Dunno, maybe start on a relaxing Sunday, order some pizza, watch a cyberpunk movie before or read a bit about it. Just make it your thing and stop letting this douche bag control your life

| Play/watch death stranding. Then, the whole mgs saga(there is a good 12h movie on youtube). Then play policenauts. If after all that, you still cant play snatcher, without new assosiaciotns, then kojima has failed you......or maybe just play observer instead

| maybe play it in another platform? i think sega cd is the only one english port btw, but there are also fan made translations for the lther ports

| I've also actually been wanting to play snatcher, but I can't seem to get it to work right on any emulators :(

| >>626842
i got it to work with retroarch in my desktop pc and my raspberry pi! you have to use a libretro core that supports the sega cd (picodrive or genesis plus gx) and you have to put the sega cd bios files (best to download all regions) in a directory somewhere.

| >>627448 I have retroarch (love it) on my switch and my PC, but I just can't get snatcher to work on any emulators I download. Like, it plays the intro, then gets about one minute into the first story cutscenes, then the screen goes black while the audio keeps playing.

I guess that's what I get for using a pirated iso, time to buy a Sega cd I guess...

| 2064 ROM is basically Snatcher but without the Hideo Kojimba name on it

| >>627497
that sucks! idk. try a lot of different emulators and bios files. or maybe it's a corrupted cdrom image... i got mine from an archive.org romset (was it no-intro? i'm not sure). also, have you managed to run other sega cd games?

| >>627837
i really liked 2064 ROM, but i don't think that it can be compared to snatcher. snatcher tries to be edgy and gritty while 2064 ROM feels like rebecca sugar made snatcher, but in a good way. also, the graphics and music truly feel like a tribute to the games of that era. most modern indie "retro-style 8-bit pixel-art" games usually feel very generic.
smell you later

| >>85604c tbh the graphics of 2064 is kinda lame at some points

| Blade Runner The Game (1997) is good btw

| with much less pixel hunting

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