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Scans of Scenario Experiments Lain?

| Anybody know where scans of this are?

Only scans of Lain books I have found are on e-hentai for Visual and Omnipresence.

| Uh, could you repeat that chief?

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There's a handful of Lain artbooks like An Omnipresence in the Wired, Visual Experiments Lain, and Scenario Experiments Lain. Scans exist on e-hentai for Omni and Visual but not Scenario, and since the books are rare, I wanted to know if a scan of Scenario exists.

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Ah, got you. Yeah, idk.

| the truth is, nobody here actually watched lain

| now that's some tragic stuff

| >>622761 I beg to differ

| >>622761 I too beg to differ.

| proof it then

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| Above reply was a mistake, on mobile, ignore it please.

But can't go wrong when you're
a c c e l e r a t e d .

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This thread is permanently archived