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What would the public opinion on childlike/young looking sex robots be?

| If those sorts of AI controlled bots were to become a thing in the future, what do you think the public opinion on them would be? I personally feel like they'd be kind of split, but I'd like to hear people's opinions on it.

| I love sex.

| currently public opinion is "ban them because these will turn people into pedophiles" and "ban them because pedophiles can use these as tools to learn how to have sex with children" both of which are fascinatingly ridiculous opinions.

i think there is research being done to see if they help reduce child sexual abuse (or increase it) but scientific facts are irrelevant in the public sphere

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Yes, that's why I'm wondering if it is going to change at all. When this technology comes around, what are people going to think of it then? Will they have the same opinions as they currently do, or does it seems like it's going to become more positive or more negative?

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non animated dolls are already a thing and already governments throughout the world are trying to pass legislation banning them, with much success. so loli body type lillims are already effectively being prohibited, and people are already being arrested for possession and importing of child size sex dolls.

| It's just robots, do whatever you want.

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you are under arrest for conspiracy to do something immoral that we dont like in the privacy of your own home.

| >>601106 you are under arrest for being an annoying retard

| They'd be able to curb sexual urges of pedophiles who understand their urges are wrong.
There are cases where thats exactly why they bought them.

| Kid fuckers get the rope

| Where's a Dorothy when you need one.

| that would be creepy af for anybody
imagine coming to your new friends house and seeing one of those

| Let's go to Gilliam's house! His parent's bought him a Super Nintendo!

No, let's go to Jill's. Her boss bought him a Lilim!

| Jill. Him.


| I don't care. You can have a lilim without the sex mods for many reasons. They're also cute. I don't need any more reasoning. If while girls can have sex with dogs ugly bastards can be kept in their homes safely.

| Obviously negative, because for whatever reason, people cannot see the difference between reality and non-reality.
Kinda the same as the disapproval loli hentai gets, except somewhat more debatable in this case, because they will be modeled to look like real children.

| some guy in Kentucky has just been arrested for possession of one

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Where's the source to this?

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| >>601981 lol, do people not understand the actual problem with child porn?
Like, I doubt, this doll is gonna mind having porn made of her

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