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I think the reason no one makes threads here is because

| No one knows what to discuss here about.


| We can discuss about burg

| burg

| If anything the deadness of this board is sympatico with the feels of the banner and lain itself.

| I agree, that no one can come up with things to post here, however I and many other people just want to know what happens when the board is completely barren of threads.

| I believe it's also fair to say that this board has existed for long enough to completely exhaust the discussions that can be made about cyberpunk.

Maybe if cyberpunk 2077 is any good and raises any new questions, we can use this board for those discussions. That is far a away though, and will only last a couple weeks.

We need a new sticky thread; one for discussion about discusions about cyberpunk

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This thread is permanently archived