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A barren wasteland.

| Why did you come here? Wondering like me what philosophical discussions happen here every blue moon?

Welp, let us talk about the fact we have less and less privacy with us legit paying for something to record us 24/7 *COUGH COUGH AMAZON*.

| I suppose most of the times I start threads here, I seem to be talking to myself while letting others interpret and expand upon my thoughts without a connect to a part of daily life. Still, keeping to just Amazon is such a narrow topic to divulge in, and I don't even use Amazon. As such, let us expand further and ask ourselves why are we so obssessed with privacy and yet so comfortable with leaving out digital footprints?

~daft batt petra

| My guess is that people concerned with their privacy and people okay with digital footprints are essentially different people.

It's also the internet infrastructure which pretty much requires leaving digital footprints. Want 2FA? Enter you phone number. Wanna keep in touch with your friends? Enter phone number again. Oh, and anyone can find you by number. Wanna save a document on our site? Login with Google, Facebook or Twitter. They'll be sure to gather all your data themselves.

| So in order to avoid fingerprinting, you'd need to have tons of phone number, use 10MinuteMail very extensively, remember all your passwords by heart and- oh, did you forget logging out of Google on your Google Chrome? Start over.

TL;DR avoiding fingerprinting is real, but hardly maintainable.

| Bro, every company in the world has easy access to most, if not all of your personal information and there ain't nothing that can be done about it. It is how it is. No need to stress about something you can't change.

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This thread is permanently archived