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Thoughts on Elon's neurolink?

| https://www.neuralink.com/


| Cowabunga

| Cautiously optimistic


| I want to fix my tinnitus but I also don't want a hole in my skull because that's fucking scary, and I don't want Bluetooth coming out of that hole connecting to God knows what and holy fuck someone is going to go to defcon with this and fucking die

| I'm only really concerned that the existing protocols we have aren't secure enough for me to trust my last vestige of true privacy with. I'm a little too scared by cancel culture and data mining to make the contents of my brain available to computers.
>lyly prius pride

| If it slams and jams I'm ok with it

| Elon is a shitty person with shitty ideas, but everyone loves him and what he does because he's good at manipulating. I mean, marketing, right.

| He's gonna kill someone, why do you think he ask for volunteers instead of paying someone? Cause shits dangerous

| I'm not intetested in elon musks neural link. Such things belong to public research in public universities. If people like elon musk would (have to) pay taxes like most people, universities would have enough money for that research. And students that are there because they're interested in it, not because their rich parents (who also don't pay taxes) bribed the university.

| >>581399 alright calm down Stalin

| >>581339 I disagree I think he's just nuts with a fuck ton of money, also I'm pretty sure he's doing this because he wants to eventually put his brain in a jar and live forever so

| I actually think that it will be better for humankind.

If we become slaves to the machines there won't be any more fighting, no more war.

I'd prefer to just have all humanity wiped out forever but I'm ok with this alternative

| Thanks to the op of the wait but why thread. It took me almost an entire day to read the whole thing. But I learned a few things so I don't regret it yet

| Also the 3D homunculus was pretty nice

| Interested.






| Deus ex becoming real

| All I can say Alex Jones was right all along...

| Think about the games you could play in VR or the skills you could download to your mind.

| Think of communicating with people just using your mind. Telepathy is really what I needed in life. My communication skill is fucked.

| >>581748
Expect something immersive at the least, possibly interactive too

| All I want is better vision ffs.
I mean beyond what lenses can do for me.

| i think this is a good idea to better society, for example you can allow public security to use it to force criminals to stop doing crime, and to stop crime before it happens too. many worthless people in this world and they don't use their brains well any ways. so if you implant this in all persons you can stop crime at every place and can make people be productive for better society

| >>582322 get Lasik and carry binoculars around

| >>582358 So psycho pass

| >>582358 Let's just hope he doesn't turn supervillain and use the shit to brainwash people to be his underlings.

| I want elon-chan to push his fibres into my brain!

| >>581644 OP of that thread. Glad you liked it.

>>582202 Exactly one of the pros I hope will be explored by Neuralink.

>>581259 I was genuinely surprised by this, too. While I had no doubt this was the direction they were going for, to just introduce a brain chip like that is beyond bold.

>>581291 Tbh, at the risk of sounding like a radical, I'm all for the end of privacy for all for a better world. Sometimes, I think it would be better if humanity was more aware of itself.

| >>582358 That's a particularly dystopian future you've imagined there, more so than the usual. Rather than forcing a personality on someone to 'fix' them, I'd rather hope that through the use of communication with it, people would be able to gain a better understanding of the various criminals in order to know how to rehabilitate them, and to tackle the underlying problems that people this way in the first place, without harming the human condition too much.
~kate morin lames

| You may harm me, replace all my limbs with robotic spider legs and even spy on my browser history
But no fucking way I'm letting anyone install a chip on my brain, unless I was the one who made that chip

| > cancel culture
> privacy

uhhh isn't this the cyberpunk board. why be concerned about these little things. we're talking about brain scanning / rewriting here, shouldn't you be concerned about something else?

also the gov can't touch me in my new shiny android body, obviously.

| >>581259
> someone is going to go to defcon with this and fucking die
lmao fuck

| To me it's pretty simple, make both hardware and software open source or I won't put my life on it.

And even if it's all open source I'll only risk after a thorough analysis.

The only reason I ever went to college was to understand how this whole IT shit worked before they started implanting it into people's heads and it seems like it was the right call.

| >>583298 eh open source I wouldn't trust that.

| >open source brain chips
You wanna get brain hacked? Cuz that's how you get brain hacked.

| >>583432 security through obscurity isn't security if it's open there will be ten thousand autists reading the code for flaws for that bug bounty or to make sure it's safe for themselves if it's closed you rely on how many people elon wants to hire to check everything

| >>583440 I'd rather take my chances with Elon's employees than have some crazy random bastards modifying shit and offering it to people. What if they decide everyone who uses it should die. There's always someone like that and I'm sure many people against it would try to ensure it fails.

Maybe make it open source like 10-20 years later.

| So don't install random ass forks? Like making the thing zap your brain will be easy as fuck anyway it won't be part of the firmware when you can just write an app to do the same thing but easier

| Also I don't think it has enough power to actually kill you

| nopnopenope. call me a luddite but that shit ain't goin ANYWHERE near me

| >>272c94 probably could turn you into a vegetable.

| Well at the start I'll just be in the motor cortex so yes I suppose but it's not really able to kill you that way because it uses batteries that will run out within the day, and you could probably just ask someone to take the white thing behind your ear off you

| So assuming it is capable of paralyzing you it would have to do it at a specific time that would facilitate actually harming you rather than just forcing you to sit around for a day

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