| i love tomboy
i need tomboy
tomboy hot
tomboy good
tomboy cute
tomboy is all i need in life

tomboy #1

| I need jerrygirl

| Tan tomboy #1

| Mio honda #1

| Become the tomboy you want to see in the world.

| >>674315

this but unironically

| I had in my class one tomboy.. but i was too shy "^^ but she was nice

| Cute tomboys make for great waifus

| i like tomboys!!!! all kinds. muscly ones however, are the greatest


| >>674545

| They don't fuck your mind with their girl shit and they are still being a girls, what a wonderful creatures they are

| >>674302
Mio Honda isn't a tomboy, just genki, don't @ me.

| @675195 I'm not disagree with you but i must be a rebel.

| I liked tomboys more back when they were only a semi-obscure fapping interest.

| >>676046
Pretty sure the concept of tomboys is older than your fapping preferences

| >>676069
Contrarianism, however, turns me right off.

| >>676439
Aren't you the contrarian though?

| I hang out a lot with a tomboy rn. She is nice and I think I like her but I'm not in my city rn and in a week I'll have to go back home so I'm not pushing it.

| >>676835 damn

| Tomboys are great :)

| Goth Tomboy is top-tier

| A cute girl who looks like a boy, but isn't!

| >>676938 Big tiddy Goth Tomboy GF is topper-tier

| >>677211
Big tiddy Goth Tomboy Childhood Friend GF is topperer-tier

| >>677245
Big tiddy Goth Tomboy Childhood Friend Step Sister GF is the toppest-tier!

| tomboy good tomboy #1 me love tomboy mmmm

| >>677211 >>677245 >>677273
> big tiddy
> tomboy
uh, pick one

| Update on this >>676835
We were hiding from rain in my grandparents' house because that's where I'm staying. No one was home except for my sister so we dried our clothes a bit and talked all together. Then everyone else from our family (grandparents, aunt and mom) came home so I decided to introduce the tomboy girl to everyone since no one knew her and it's weird when there's a person no one knows in the house. But this turned bad quickly...

| So we got back to my room where we were hanging out before but soon I noticed that I'm really hungry so after asking if the girls want to eat I said that I'm gonna grab some food from kitchen for myself. Turns out the family was getting ready for lunch so I joined them, after all it doesn't take long to eat. The thing is my sister suddenly decided to eat as well and left the tomboy alone so the girl decided to grab her drying clothes and go home to change instead of waiting.

| Just as she got ready to leave the rain started again so she wasn't sure

| what to do. I invited her to sit with us for a few minutes while we finish eating and that was the worst decision but also the only one I saw since before sitting down she was just awkwardly standing right beside the table. The family asked if she's gonna eat but she refused, ofc they took this as offensive... Then they just started bombarding the poor tomboy with questions about her also adding a bunch "relationship" hints to that. One question from my grandma sounded particularly

| offensive so the girl answered in a fitting manner but in the end this didn't grow into an arguement. At this point my sister and me finished eating so I suggested to go back to my room right away. There the tomboy asked me wtf just happened and I really didn't know how to explain it so she wouldn't be upset because she just got interrogated by 4 people and it all sounded like tgey were checking if she's "good enough" for me or something of sorts. After this she obviously was

| weirded out so she left when the rain stopped. She understands it's basically not my fault that this happened but never wants to see anyone from my family again and our communication has this tension now because I feel very guilty that she had to experience this and she still feels offemded and weird. I'm not sure how to make up with her. I just hope that if we continue hanging out it will pass over time.

| P.S. sorry for this wall of text, just decided to share this story

| >>677365
Well, it obviously wasn't your fault. So you shouldn't feel bad about it, and it wouldn't make sense for her to be mad at you.

| >>677410 she's not mad, just weirded out and doesn't want to see my family ever again

| >>677415
Well, that's understandable, and shouldn't affect you directly.

| you can still be together
also tldr

| >>677350
A tomboy is not the same as a reverse trap. A tomboy can still have big tits but act boyishly.

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