interesting ways to masturbate

| Been stuck in my house alone due to the 'rona and I'm looking for new ways to pleasure myself. I have a dick btw

| Find a gurl and shove it inside.

| Rubbing it against your bed

| Chop it off

| Lots of people point to sticking a finger in the ass. Straight or gay it can enhance the experience, but I can say for sure you've gotta know exactly how to do it, otherwise it'll just feel like a bony digit wiggling around in there.

Depending how gay you wanna get there's always upside down against a wall, dick above head.
Good way to cum on your own face/in you're own mouth.

| Aside from that I can personally recommend getting a finger tip underneath the foreskin and rubbing around the tip. It's more difficult as you get harder, and definitely easier for a partner to do, but it isn't painful at all and it can bring a new feeling you wouldn't expect.

| Boney*

| If you had foreskin you wouldn't need any other ways

| It's simple. Nothing that you can do without tools will feel novel enough.
You can either step up your game and try a fleshlight, stick something up yer bum and stimulate the prostate, or try edging with a vibrator.
You can also try electricity too, but this one is hard to get into for most people.

| >>674025 *cries in circumcision*

| >>674015
Look up the Grapefruit Method.
Then look up the Spaghetti Method.

| Sounding? But be careful

| Use no hand, sit on a chair that won't break easily, figure out the rest.

| If you're flexible enough you can give yourself a footjob

| >>674858 https://youtu.be/JaotiOp45dg

| >>674873 I mean

why not, if you can

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