Are there furries in Japan?

| Like bruh, they have a lot of freaks, but nobody talks about that fur-fuckers there

| yes

| yes, i am

| yes

| Hmm furry traps that's an idea. Might make a good hentai you go to a furry meet up in Japan with everyone in suits expecting that there are degenerates inside but actually it's traps and embarrassed cute girls

| •_•;

| >>673896
Excuse me but this is a furry board, I will need to inspect your bulge before talking with that edginess over here ~~~~~OwO~~~~~

| If I remember correctly the mangaka from beastar said openly that she's (or was it a he? I can't remember) was a furry

| uwu

| >>673969 yes she

but she is less degenerate

not like white people furry

| >>673955 8=======================================================================================================================================================================================================================================D

| fuck you OP you made me look up japanese fursuit

this is what I found btw: https://twitter.com/amanojaku_e

enjoy you fags

| >>674827 those are some high quality suits and somehow they aren't cringy and looks more like mascots

| Japan is more into a special kind of curries called "kemono," I think.

| *furries
Damn autocorrect.

| >>675091 I think it's the way the legs are made to resemble real animal legs so they look less like humans wearing animal costume and more like life size statues of digimon or something

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