I gave a blowjob to two different people today

| Twice...

As a matter of fact they came from just the foreplay.

| What happens when your partner came from the foreplay? Do you just go check your phone for 15 mins until the dicc errect again?

| Nice

| hmm why tho?

| is it degrading for girls to such dicks? is that why guys like it so much?

| Yeah, it's kinda degrading. But that's the reason I don't like the idea of my gf giving heads. Just vanilla sex is nice

| you sucked more dicks in a day than I've sucked in my whole life :<

| >>671427

| >>671515 i think some people see it that way, buy it's a weird tangle of sexism and (literal) homophobia. It's a sex act men 'can't' do if they're worried about being or being seen as gay - if they did it, *they'd* expect to be degraded. It's also seen as submissive (it doesn't have to be) because of that and bc it's not directly pleasuring the person doing it. Plus some religious puritanism, and *any* sex being traditionally seen as degrading for women.

| So while some people do see it as degrading, and some people (on either side) do enjoy that, i think it's a bit of weird puritanism we shouldn't worry abouy outside of people where that's their kink

>>672001 it's only degrading if someone makes it! Obviously I'm not saying do anything you're not comfortable with but it's not inherently bad anymore than say fingering is

| >>672273
i think you smoked something

| >>672293
They did.
They smoked pole.

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