You decide

| ... which part of my body I shall photograph and share here. *innocent shrug*

| Dick or GTFO.

| Beans

| Area right behind ears

| tbh, feet

| I think that it might sound lewd but...
T-the nose...

| >>669959 this

| Eyes, don't forget to give the most condescending gaze you can possibly give.

| Show your hand so I can pretend to hold it.

| OP is a fag, but the actual problem is she won't deliver

| Neck

| forearms pls

| >>670135 problem is OP is kinda stunned by how many answers and options this thread has when he opened it this morning, lol.

Gonna go the easy way though. :) D-D-Doublekill! >>670099 >>670176


| Fuck the screwy white balance btw.

| >>670184
post ass

| >>670192 There you go. If someone wants to complain about hairy legs or anything - you're welcome to come over and sugar or wax them for me. Takes too much time and effort in my opinion. https://ibb.co/6RL9dGZ

| Butt is freshly shoven though, that's why it appears to be a bit red-ish on the image. It usually is as white as it gets. ^^


| also nice ass i'd do that 100%

| >>670216 Thanks, I suppose. ^^ You're welcome to do so, if we'd get the chance one day. :'D

| >>670217
maybe fate is kinkier than we think

i got my request in and i don't wanna be too greedy tho so i'll wait for the gurls to catch up

| >>670218 Would be funny tbh. xD Yeah, who knows, right?

| >>670223
not just funny, but fun~

well looks like they're asleep. can i get a top down view of your back?

| >>670230 How the heck am I supposed to take this pic, lol. Ima try though. :)

| https://ibb.co/N7rMkp4 >>670230 :3

| Sidechest

| yess you're making my day

| gurls cmon pile in i'm boring and unimaginative!

| Side butt with soread legs

| >>670243 https://ibb.co/cN69L6W this one felt strangely lewder than the previous ones. Dunno why tho.

| k i'll just say it
i really wanna fuck you

| >>670266 Haha, honestly I'm really horny these days. So if we would get the chance - sure, why not? :b

| >>670283
well first off you probably live 1000s of kilometers away and even if you lived close by i might just be too much of a pussy so...

| >>670292 welp ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ just saying.

| >>670295 Well, first we could find out how far apart we live. The country should suffice. :'D

Later in the evening I shall try to take one, lol. This one's gonna be kinda hard to do, dunno if my arms are long enough. ^^

| Yeah, try to attach the phone to the air to take that picture. xD Nah, I finally found a use for the wide angle lens from my phone. :) I hope you like it!

| >>670334
well yeah.. but what are those marks on your leg? did you hurt yourself or something?

| Shadow of the phone, lol.>>670339

| >>670176 forearm on other side too pls

| >>670472 Uhm, I guess... why not? There you go! https://ibb.co/SdfrKJv

| >>670493 thhnk you

| You're welcome. :)

| Now >>670737 can pretend to hold both of your hands at once OP! H-how lewd!!!

| I can't believe how degenerate can you be! Posting a hand on /d/? Lord zane save us all.

| >>670850

| >>670998

| The links don't work for me. I wanna see OPs cute belly...

| Decided to autodelete them after two days. :) Sorry!

| >>671078
Don't do stuff you're gonna regret when horny, silly

| Huh, I don't regret showing off, lol. You can set the time you want them to be deleted when uploading images. ^^ And I dunno, thought deleting them after two days seems reasonable! >>671079 Also I'm perma-horny, worry not. xD

| >>671098
Show your belly then horny gurl!
I wanna see, I wanna see!

| https://ibb.co/fxKY0Dr >>671117

| >>671251
Bruh, got no belly. Damn.

| Haha, sorry 'bout that! I got like very little fat on my body. :x>>671281

| >>671290
Ay, I mean, I'm not the one who asked for it, and it's not bad. But damn homie, start eating.

| >>671293 I'm already eating LOTS, trust me on this one. xD The meals are quite healthy and I'm doing sports though. :) Thanks for worrying, I guess.

| >>669930

| >>671299
Ah, okay. Fair enough. I just know a lot of people with eating disorders and I don't eat a lot myself. I just want ya'll g/u/rls to stay healthy.

| >>671300 Nah, that's too lewd, sry. :3

| >>671308 Yupyup! It is. o:

| >>671314
waiting for >>669968 >>670086 and>>669957

| .

| >>671315 The heck are beans though. My feet are nothing special and quite rough since I'm quite into skating and hiking. So... yeah. Dunno if you're into that. xD

| >>671499? figure skating or like speed skating or like ice hockey skating?

| >>671517 City skating on inline skates. :D

| >>671499 I believe "beans" refers to the testes.

| Since OP isn't posting beans (what the heck g/u/rl?), I'll post mine.

| Whoops, sorry. Here's the working link: https://ibb.co/xDMwQSn

| oh beanz

| Oh shiet

| Not OP, sorry (I'm bean poster), but OP has inspired me to post my own tummy. Heads up! You g/u/rls have one week to download them before they're deleted. If someone asks for them later, feel free to upload, but please also set a one week timer. Thanks g/u/rls~!

| https://ibb.co/M83GVxm

| >>672029 will you post pictures of your arm too

| >>672038 only for you. ;*

| Omg where is this thread going

| Ahaha, awesome! >>672029 OP here. ^^ I kinda hoped someone else hops on the train and posts something too! I'd really like to see ya butt though! :3

| >>672061 but that's really lewd OP~! What'll you ask for next? Photos of hand holding? (///)

| Wait a second... wasn't this supposed to be your request thread? What are you doing requesting photos in your own request thread? I even had to post the beans pic, because you didn't. (*´ω`)o

| Wanna trade butt pics tho? You should send some in return. (∗´꒳`)

| Not exactly freshly shoven but heck, I just can't be as smooth as you. :D Way too much work. If anyone's got an issue with my body hair... be my guest and shave/sugar me. :*


| >>672087 You've rly got a tasty looking butt there though! Would love to play with it. :3

| >>672096 ahh, I'm actually really glad you said that! This was my first time shaving it, and heck is it scary getting something that sharp that close to your butthole. I wasn't sure how I did, so I'm glad it was alright for you OP!

| Isn't it kinda weird knowing that other g/u/rls might be looking at our butts? I wish they'd say something. (*´∀`*)

| >>672101 Looks amazing, srsly. :) A bit puffy yet not too big, smooth and just right. Altough I never have so for, I'd totally go to bed with you even if you're a guy, judging by your butt only ofc!

>>672102 Nah, it's fine. A bit exciting tbh! If you want to share pics more or less privately I could make a temp email acc and you we could exchange some sort of username for communicating. Discord/even Email or somethin'. Could be fun, I think!

| >>672103 nono, I agree. It's kinda exciting. Just kinda weird to think about. (∗´꒳`) Do you think the Osaka Loli, wherever she is, enjoys yaoi? What if I propped myself above you, and rubbed my dick against yours? (⁄ ⁄•⁄∇⁄•⁄ ⁄)

| >>672116 Who the heck is osaka loli, lol. But(t) probably.

That'd be weird, I think. Dunno, never tried it before though. Could be fun maybe!

| >>0c8290 here. This is still a request thread! Sorry. Kinda took it over for a second there.

| This turned very gay and very cute. I approve, and might have started questioning my sexuality.

| >>672044 thank you

you have made today a very good day

| Can't wait for someone who saved all the images to put them all together to create the entire body. Just some scuffed, weirdly attractive Photoshop abomination.

| >>672489 ye. <3

| *yw


| Lol no.>>672909

| >>672909 forget it. Way too lewd.


| Umm... W-would you mind sharing us your.. f-feet pics? >~<

| As long as you don't mind rough feet since I'm hiking and skating all the time? And if you don't from which angle should I photograph 'em?

| >>669968 >>673026 what, are you some kinda degenerate g/u/rl? Just kidding, I'll see if I can upload tomorrow! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ
~Bean Poster


| and, maybe, location?

| >>669968 >>673026 Ok g/u/rls. Here's the trial run for feet pics. I'm new to this, so just to make sure I get it right, what do you look for in a good feet photo? Are these good positions? If you give me a bit of direction and feetback (heheheh, get it?), I'll give actual pics a shot. (^▽^;) These are on a two week timer instead of my usual one week. (/ω\)


| All the links are dead.

| Op here. Yeah, they are since I decided back then to autodelete them after 3 days. :) You're welcome to request another pic though!

front, holding camera arms outstretched looking down

| Oh shit what is this horny cave i have walked into?
Also send fingerprint.

| Lolno. Fingerprint is kind of like eye-pics. xD Nah. Don't feel like giving away stuff I might regret in the future.

| How about you show us your tip homie?

| <3

| >>673772 cute socks<3

| OP is gone

| Aw goodbye op <3


| Bye OP you were cute<3

| Damn. I wish this thread held up longer. I discovered a lot about myself thanks to OP.

| >>676570
OP was cute and sexy!


| >>676703 *is! Since I'm still alive. xD OP here!

>>676478 You did? Like what did discover? Thanks for sharing pics too, btw!

Also... I'm not feeling like taking pics atm, but maybe I will later, we shall see. And no, I'm not gonna send dickpics since it's just lame, in my opinion. Also feel free to share pics yourself, everyone! Cuz... seriously. Why not?

| Hm. Might do that.


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