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Futa is for gay? :)

| What do u think about futa? :)

| It's alright.

| I like my penises on men.

| Good

| Futanari is not gay at all my dude

| it is a little bit gay

| >>629949

| Actually, you are technically half gay if you like vanilla cuz there's a guy and a girl having sex. However, if you like futa you're just a quarter gay as there's a half guy-half girl having sex with a girl. So technically, futa is the less gay option.

| futa is lowkey bi icon

| Depends if there main point of the thing is the cock, if they've got balls, and if they're both futa

Every one you tick off makes it slightly more gay

Also I agree with above is pretty bi

| Depends if there main point of the thing is the cock, if they've got balls, and if they're both futa

Every one you tick off makes it slightly more gay

Also I agree with above is pretty bi

| >>629987
You have too much free time.

| futa is bi. what even is bi but a mix of homo and hetero?

| Futanari is like a hermaphrodite, would you fuck a girl with a dick? It's up to, but calling it gay is just ignorant

| Gay

| Why would you watch a man penetrating a lady when you can watch a lady penetrating another lady, be it futa or strap/on. Looking at men is disgusting. Men are disgusting.

| >>630183 My point exactly, it does not involve men so it is less gay.

| futa is only gay if the futa is fucking another woman

just like how it'd still be gay if a dude fucked another dude in his vagina

and how a girl fucking a trans dude that still has a pussy is not gay/lesbian

| Futanari is overrated, hermaphrodites are underrated. Don't care if I'm dying on the hill on what I stand for.

| >>630647 but that's basically what a futanari is mainly.

| >>630660 It's better when they have a pussy and dick at the same time

| >>630669 that is exactly what a futanari is...

| >>630670

| >>630670

| >>630671 >>630692 a futanari is a chick with a dick, correct? The presence of "chick" in the equation implies that it still has female reproductory organs along with the male ones.
Which is why "futas" with just the dick aren't real futas, it's just a guy with tits

| All I'm saying is, it's just too overrated and used too much. Herms don't get the spotlight anymore cause of that fetish; I just think they're more versatile than a futa

| >>630711
Female with a penis. That's the definition. A shemale, more or less. Do shemales have a vagina? No. They don't. Do futas have a vagina? Sometimes, but it's not required. I don't care about your personal definition.

| >>630731 you said it yourself, a female. Do women have penises? Not since I last checked. So, a futa is a woman who, in addition to the stock vagina, also possesses a penis.

| >>630731 >>630757
overall girl+dick=futanari

| >>630769 Hermaphrodite - someone who has both reproductive organs and has an appearance that makes it impossible to assess the gender
Futanari - someone who looks clearly female but has both reproductive organs

| I love discussing definitions! Why dont we throw more terms into the mix? Like gynomorph! Or full-package-futanari! Alot of anons out there mix up their terms quite often and it confuses everyone! How is a simple gurl supposed to know which ones have the vag, or even which have balls for that matter? Not to mention different terms for androgynous and feminine futas??? But hey, everyone in this thread seems to be an expert! How lucky! Could you please explain it for everyone anon??

| >>630786 > >>630773

| >>630773
it's not about fucking "looks". futas are basically chicks with dicks. you're so hypocritically confused you'd say that futanari in the normal definition are actually just men. lurk more

| >>630818 they're basically trannies in your version, I mean, what IS the difference. A full-package futa is the only one that should be labeled as such, not guys with tits.

| Hey. Reminder to ignore trolls and don't feed them. That ruins threads :)

| i don't like hetero futanari much because it basically becomes femdom and i'm not into that particular dynamic
f/f futa, on the other hand, is kinda great because i'm one of those who want to BE this futa and fuck a pretty girl while also being fucked or having a vibrator or some shit
so i guess it works fine for fantasy lesbians lol
question for straight (genitals aside) futa porn, what's the difference from traps in it fo you?

| Full package or gtfo. No balls futanari for no balls people.

| >>9d90ae sorry i was having a bad day

And yes full package is the best >>a0266d

| >>631090 please, link the message, not the user

| >>631090
It's alright. Just don't take that out on others. I know it's tempting and I do it from time to time, but it's not a good habit :)

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