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I came on my friend's bra

| ama

| Why?

| Why are you gay?

| Sounds nice.

| Why your friend have a bra?

| can you send us pictures of your penis?

| Make sure to wash it before you present it to her for some yuri.

| You should wear it.

| >>629656 She's hot and she didn't wash it so it smelled like her also I was really turned on

| >>629657 It's always been like this

| >>629668 A dirty one now

| >>629672 Don't have one

| >>629697 I did! She didn't notice at all!

| >>629733 And I did that too!

| will you cum on her ice cream too?

| >>629668 because her friend likes to crossdress

| >>629753 Good girl.

| >>629768 I wish I could so she eats all my juices without even knowing

| >>629751 so take one

| >>629784
It's recommended! My little sister still doesn't know, and it brings me so much joy, excitement and pleasure.

| >>629795 Naw, penises are GAY

| >>629860 I envy youu! How do you do it? Any advice? I have no sister so my friends will have to do.

| isnt it better for friends to knowingly consume your love juice?

| >danger/u/ complains about the degeneracy, toxicity and how uncomfy it's become
>also danger/u/ wants to feed their relatives and closest friends cum ice cream

| >>629976
Make ice cream from scratch, but use some of your cummies as ingredients. You have to save up from multiple sessions to get enough so it takes a while between each batch, but it's worth it.

| >>629980 Obviously no

| >>629994 I'll do it, thanks <3

| >>630069
You're welcome. Good luck :)

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This thread is permanently archived