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| One time I was playing some card games with my dad, and my sister walked into the living room wearing only a T-shirt. Like, nothing else. Not even underwear.
There was also one time where I walked into the bathroom and saw my sister putting on a T-shirt. She was wearing no bra, so, yeah. That was nice.
Also, there has been times where she hugs me really, really tightly and looks up at me while she's doing it.

Basically, I'm just a creepy MA siscon.

| >>624673 First thing's first, how old is she?

| did your dad catch you creeping on her?

| >>624679
A few years younger than me.

Bro, he doesn't know I've had and sometimes still have those sorts of feelings for her, and I wasn't creeping at her. It just happened.

| Once i sucked my own dick

| >>624764
That's impressive. Damn.

| Once I got eaten out in a bathroom stall

| I'd write something sexy yet cringy but I'm not 15 anymore... I know! There should still be that forum I shared my thoughts on. Once I'll find it, I'll post what I have wrote there. Keep this thread alive.

| >>625818 Uuu my pp's ready~

| >>625818 attempting to keep this alive

| >>626304 same

| Bump

| I once got busy with a blonde individual in a movie theater. The end.

| I've got my hands on one of them >>009e48
that's me

| >>626723 share friendo.

I do bdsm with my girl friend

I lock her in the basement and tie her to the chair, then lick her neck, shoulders and then I rub her chest and finally when she starts sweating I slowly insert my hands under her clothes and rub her body <3

after that I flip over the chair (she's still tied to it with hands and legs) and we lick eachother in the meantime I put my hand under her dress and I start playing with her clit after doing so I unpin her shirt to not overheat her and not to faint like she usually does and I play with her breasts and I suck the nipples and then I go back to her puss

| but this time I do it with my face I start licking and at the end I insert my tongue and when she starts releasing juices I suck it sometimes it's like that I bite her a bit and then we play or I tie her to the wall and lick her armpits or tummy
we love to do it and i love that she loves being dominated and i like that i like to dominate and sometimes let her do things her own way and sometimes she

| licks my pussy because i do have emotions too so we cum together rubbing eavh other i love to insert her tongue deep in to throat in meanwhile inserting my fingers into her pussy ahh finally i found out my way to live it's our hobby for few days now and we do it everyday for couple of times it can last 4 hours i am so happy that i like bdsm on first i thought its a stupid game in bed but after first time with alice i couldn't stop and she too and i'm going back to the basement back

| with alice i couldn't stop and she too and i'm going back to the basement back to play with her because last time which was today at 1pm she fell asleep and still sleeps... it'll be a beautiful winter night

| >>a63cfd i wet my panties

| I think reading that just gave me a furracking aneurism.

| >>a63cfd plot twist: the GF is the gurl who posted her story about lesbian chocking story.

| >>626807
That choking story was way better than this homie. I refuse to believe that.

| >>626807
Please do not remind me of the unfinished choking story, the pain of it being unfinished is too great

| Can someone link me the chocking story?

| >>627379
I recall some girl keeping all the links for the classic posts since they made a post about them, but no idea

| >>626865 but we need a closure, somehow...

>>627112 >>627379
Here it is https://dangeru.us/d/thread/321305

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