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She Left My Cum Inside Without Cleaning Up

| I creampied my girlfriend earlier and she never cleaned up and just left it all inside of her. What does that mean?

| She's pregnant congrats

| I think it means you are implying your girlfriend as lazy, and implying you as being clueless for asking such a question. ...But congratulations! Not for the upcoming newborn, but for the both of your mishaps of what I have mentioned previously.

| It's so that you can't question her when her pus is filled with other man's cum next time.

| >>609645 Clever girl. That one

| Maybe she's filling it in bottles and sells it as protein shake.

| My girlfriend did this. She just enjoy having my cum inside her

| >>609883
I'm not sure why, but I find that really cute.

| I wish I could leave cum of my boyfriend inside my butt. If I had a boyfriend that is. And was attractive.

| >>609893 ah yes, crusty, smelly cum stains on someone's privates. Can't imagine anything cuter.
Or less hygienic

| >>609925
Bro, it's cute.

| >>609928 as cute as a dead rat in NY sewers

| >>609934
Bruh, that's cute as fuck though.

| >>609937 ah shit, it's reverse day again?

| G/u/rls, hakuna your matatas- people like what they like and that's okay, after all how cute something is *is* based on the person viewing it.

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This thread is permanently archived