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What does your cum taste like?

| I heard diffrent g/u/rls have a different taste, gimme the flavor menu. Mines prty bitter.

| I love sex.

| I've never taken the plunge to take a taste of my cum.

| I don't know. Maybe I should check?

| I've been getting closer and closer to trying to eat my own cum. I chicken out every time though. I've had a bit on my finger and taken a small lick but not enough to really get a taste. I feel like there would be no going back from it. I feel like I'd start eating it like crazy out of being completely fucked up. Then I'd start pissing all over myself again like I used to when I was a teenager. I used to lay in the bathtub and point my dick at my chest and piss all over it.

| >>609178 fuck sex

| You know it changes based on what you eat, right?
Get your boyfriends to eat lots of pineapple and celery, drink less beer and eat less red meat, drink more water and exercise at least 30 minutes a day.
Your taste buds will thank you~

| Like super super pure dark chocolate

| Just eat it to get rid of the evidence of you live with ppl, big brain

| >>609240
I've been eating better and quit eating red meat for the most part. I only have it like once every other month. I drink a lot more water and no beer. Should I taste my cum now more than ever!????

| >>609334
If you can, eat like half a pineapple for a week, then taste it. Right now it will be good, bit after the pineapple you'll love it.

| ask you're mum

| >>609362
So you're saying I should try my jizz and then eat some pineapple and compare with the pineapple making it much better in taste?

| >>609438 also post pictures of the pineapple before and after you jizzed in it...

| >>609380 wait that doesnt sound right

| >>609547 yea, definitely should be "your"

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