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2 Years Ago I Talked Here About How I Jacked Off So Much I Tore My Dick and It Wasn't Healing AMA


| did it it heal yet?

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Yes. I eventually decided to just stop masturbating for a month and even though it had been torn and scabbed for a few months up to that point it healed quickly.

It had happened before though so I'm afraid it might happen again.

| I'll be honest I don't know why I didn't try not jacking off earlier

| Perhaps you shouldn't jack off like it's the only source of entertainment you got. Seriously people, how tf do you even tear it, is your dick made out of paper?

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Once a day, don't use lube (lube is for pussys, both real and metaphorical) and pull don't slide, you'll get there

| >>608585 bruh, you fucking kidding me? Whenever I do masturbate, I never use lube and I don't tear my goddamn pp off. Oh and wtf do you mean pull? Like I've heard that line in gachi and I don't get it. Why would you pull, what the fuck kinda enjoyment can you get from pulling your dick out by its roots?

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You're not pulling it out (wtf) you're just grabbing kinda tight and tugging up and down instead of sliding up and down. Is that not already what you're doing if you aren't using lube though?

I can't imagine the chafing from stroking without lube.

| Look like we didn't jerk off the same way. i suggest having a jerk off orgy

| oh my god just use lube it feels so much better and you aren't gonna rip it off

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tomorrow outside joey's all italian pizzeria

yeah but its so much more work

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