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| I miss 8chan, expecially /cb and /hgg is there any chans or sites that have similar content?

| I clicked, but I'm not sure what I expected to find here... cute g/u/rls?

| When I clicked this thread I thought there would be a bunch of g/u/rls posting c/u/teboys. I came here for c/u/teboys, and I'm gunna get em dang it! If the next post isn't of a c/u/teboys, I'm going to delete System32.

| >>608330 do it, fag boy

| Furracking hell. You g/u/rls disappoint me.

| >>608336 so, you doing it? I'm waiting for proof

| We demand cute boys!

| >>608207 if we are talking about the same hgg, the 4chan hgg2d is still active, while the hgg that discusses visual novel and stuff has migrated to jp (last I heard)

I have no idea what you guys posted at /cuteboys/, korean boybands?

| Astolfo is best girl (male).

| Mainly trap/femboy related content

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This thread is permanently archived