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STIs, protection and prevention

| Hello friends. I thought I'd make a responsible thread to tell you to always wear a condom when participating in sexual activity! And on that note, are there sexually transmitted diseases/infections that we might not know about without an official screening? The answer is more than likely yes, but I was wondering if maybe another RESPONSIBLE g/u/rl would shed some more light on it.

| Sex with a condom on is like eating a candy with a wrap on.

| >>608144 good luck with AIDS, my man

| >>608151
Both my first partner and me were healthy virgins, and we've enjoyed happy raw sex for some 4 years. Since we broke up I'm alone for over 5 years and don't wanna go back to relationships.
Ain't gonna catch aids if you don't have any sex, my man.

| >>608155 that last idea makes sense, but, why the hell are you against protected sex if, going by your story, you ain't never heard of a condom?

| >>608156
Why would you stick your dick in a random hole anyway? There's always time to take tests for stds before sex.

| >>608186 I won't, but that doesn't change much on a global level. Sexual culture nowadays is as open as it ever was, which creates a lot of risks, especially for young people, who, not getting proper sex ed or out of their own depravity, will engage in unprotected intercourse. Even if one person remembers to wear a condom by looking at this thread, that's a potential chain of STDs averted.

| I love sex.

| >>608224
Whatever. Let the galaxy burn.

| >>608277 burn yourself if you feel like it, but let the others have half a brain more

| >>608155
This is the best way.

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