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Diy cute/sexy clothes?

| Hi! I'ma femboy who wants some cute stuff to wear :D! I can sew and have some material, any ideas for easy sexy stuff to make? Maybe smth kinda "trapy"? Thnx thnx!if I make anything I'll let u all know <3!

| does it have to be trappy? I personally love to see boys in tight boy clothes, just tight pants and a t-shirt or something I guess, something to show your slip femboy figure.

| mini skirt femboy is my fav

| You can also be cute/sexy being naked. I can confirm, because there is a mirror in front me at the moment.

| The cutest clothing you can wear is a bullet in your brain

| >>601159 ye boys in mini skirts make my pp hard

so does this

| Mini skirt, tight undies, long socks, cute long gloves, crop top or short school girl button up.

| >>601311 why my pp hard?

| Make a cutout on you jeans for asspussy and saw a zipper there.
Hot af.

| >>601311 cute!! I wonder how much of that I can diy

| Update! I found some white jeans, they're too small for me so I cut them a bit... Now I have booty shorts and two pants legs lol. Now, I could probs make the legs into sorta thigh highs (they wouldn't have the feet sock part but wearing them rn, they go up to my thighs only a bit tight... I could hem it and it might be cute) or, I could use the pants legs to try to make a sorta waist trainer? Though I might just use some other kinda favric for that if y'all like the thigh high idea

| /2/ more! Though with white booty shorts and white thigh highs i might have to go out and get new white fabric for that... Maybe I could use a t-shirt for it? That's probs more cosmetic than anything, it might be too stretchy and not strong enough to be good for a corset or waist trainer...

| >all these attention-whoring "boys"

| >>601479 shush

| I'm starting to lean more towards a sort of waist training thing, if you wanna vote then go ahead!

| I wanna see pics when you're done! :3 Please!

| >>601569 ill def put pics up then ^^ just gotta figure out what to make, then make it ^^

| Awesome, thank you! <3

| >>601574 what do you think? Waist thingy or leg thingy? I do have some thigh highs but those have lots of black stripes, so... Idk lol, I'm bad at deciding what to make

| >>601576 Well. Both are kinda hot. Flip a coin! Head is legs, tail is waist. :D

| >>601581 hmm... I guess I'll go for waist lol ^^

| I got some eyelets from old shoes I tore apart and some ribbon for lace, apparently the boning is mostly there for keeping it up, not for shape? Idk, that seems important but I don't have any now snf some people amf some models work without it, I'll add some later if I need it lol

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This thread is permanently archived