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Uncensored japanese hentai are best

| I love it when they decide to go yolo and fuck the law. Not all heroes wear cape. Sometimes they wear ahegao profile pics

| I believe that's usually just the company snuggling the raws out of the country to sell in more free markets

| Ain't that the goddamn truth

| I love sex.

| I will kill sex

| >>601251 not sure what do you mean but i wasnt talking like western censorship free version but actual artists posting uncensored

sometimes they just forgot but I dunno for sure. I used to see an artist on tumblr who didnt censor anything. it was great, and now it was dead. they had twitter but now it's censored. sad times

| >>601401 I thought you were referring to like studio produced hentai videos, not images or doujinshi artists, yea those sometimes forget or think they can get away with it

I was talking about jav & bigger hentai projects, sometimes the uncensored version is smuggled out of Japan to be sold in markets like the us

| >>601412 never heard of those but I wouldn't use the word "smuggle" unless it doesn't have a local publisher?

| >>601347 i don't think so, amigo.

| >>601425 smuggle is just the word I heard used, don't know enough about jp censorship laws to know if it's accurate or not I suppose

I imagine they don't want jp companies to be selling uncensored media even if it's only outside Japan so they're sort of smuggling it to another shell company or publisher for them to sell I think

| >>601435
think again cowboy

| >>601347
Theg beat you to it.
That's correct. Japanese censorship laws prevent the selling of uncensored porn by the same company that produces it , so they play the corporation shell game.

| >>601437 >>601481 I see. that's interesting

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