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Help me get my cousin pussy

| Let's go /d/

I have her Line and facebook
>Last time we talked was a year ago
We not particularly close both mentally and physically
>i'm 3-4 month older

Give me a plan and i will do it. No pussy out

| I'm rooting for you!

| Damn, was hoping it was for a guy, was ready to offer some boipussy

| Is this for real? Don't lie to me op are you really trying to get your cousins pussy or are you making a troll post? Don't lie to me op!

| I love sex.

| >>601114 Yes, this is not a hoax

| I'm still await instruction.
How should i start?

| I mean, it's not easy since, as you said, you haven't spoken in a long time, so it's hard for you to even gauge her reaction.

| I would also, love to get my cousins pussy, but I know it's pretty much impossible

| >>601117
We know you do.

| I've had sex with three different cousins of mine. Even had one who used to brap on my face and piss in my mouth. I just went for it.

| jesus

| >>600948
Start talking to her.

| >>601383 senpai

>>601475 but only female i ever talk to in the pass few year is my ma and some woman i force to talk in some project

| >>601482
Ah, you have easy in! After do family obligation hellos and what haves yous been doings, ask for her help in the talking to women! You can practice the flirting with her while actually flirting with her!

| I will kill sex

| >>601487 this is some EXTREMELY high iq stuff, op you should totally go fot this man's advice

If i may be ao bold, why are you trying to get ur cousin's pussy tho?
Not that there is anything wrong with it.

| >>601760 OP here- thank you everyone for giving courage i was able to ask her out yesterday. should i keep going at this rate or should i rush and tell her how i feel now?

| >>601765
you fucking idiot, you're gonna make her freak out

be shy around her and at some point offer jokingly to brush her teeth.
make it a regular thing to brush her teeth.

| >>601774
Do her Monogatari style. You won't regret it. It's fun.

| >>601813

| >>601814

| OP here~ i heard you >>601774 i will do just that. and should i go for a teeth brushing on our first hang out?

| Okay, this might sound weird, but try getting her to like your ice cream and then cum in it and serve to her to see if she really loves you

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