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Is it weird to fap to your own drawing

| It feels oddly egotistical. Like fapping to a mirror

| kek, nah I don't think it's weird, then again I have little to no talent and never experienced drawing something lewd to see if it gets me off, but it seems like a good skill since now you can draw whatever makes you tick, however specific it might be.

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You're absolutely right on the last part. But that's also what worried me. "Only I can please myself" feels kind of sad

| I'm obviously being overdramatic tho lol. I'm just looking for confirmation

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I mean, usually even the most specific fetishes have content online, the amount of outright weird shit on 4chans /d/ board is a testament to that, you can find stuff you never even thought could be possible, it's just that if you're talented enough to draw, you can contribute and make more in case your specific fetish is somewhat rare.

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I'm not even sure if my fetish is rare. It's more like having specific short term demand, like "I wish there is a lewd of this panel from Jojo vol 4 page 57" (i just made the numbers up)

| Well, my drawings sometime make me aroused and fap to them as well.
I draw PCB schematics and layouts. Well optimized schematics and layouts are super satisfying just by looking at them!

| there was a manga like that, where the person had a fetish for their own art. The first time he drew a road safety sign in kindergarten he felt turned on. later in life he became an ero artist.

| this thread took an interesting turn.. >>600891 can you name that manga? i'm intrigued..

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True and if you contribute more to it you'll be doing the lords work.

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Yeah. People like you who draw erotic shit are real heroes. That shit makes by life a lot better, and brings me happiness and pleasure, even in dark times. Stay strong, and keep fapping to your own stuff homie. It's a good skill to have.

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[Desire to know more intensifies]
What exactly are you drawing anyhow?

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