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I just learned that there's a huge amount of cuckolds worldwide

| and also these who are into incest, I thought both were pretty frowned upon around the world

| I love sex.

| Ice cream is the problem

| It's taboo, and that draws people, at least for incest.
Don't see why cuckoldry would have any appeal.

| >>595909 A lot of people are sort of closeminded and call things that that are really more like a poly or open relationship or swinging or something, to try to insult them

| >>595909 cucks are emotional masochists, they love seing their hopes and dreams crushed by a superior human right in front ot them because it is said to be the most emotionally painful thing(that doesn't require someone to be crippled or dead) and it's easy to do over and over again

Or so I think.

| i don't get the appeal of cuck stuff really but I definitely don't get why it's treated like a character flaw if someone does. If everyone's having fun what does it matter?

| >>596129
because that's not the kind of person you want to bet on when war erupts or the apocalypse rolls in. i want alphas with me.

| >>596130 A person's fetishes don't have much to do with their personality... besides, look at any disaster and what matters most for survival is organization and cooperation, not being individually aggressive

| >>596147
A cuckoldry fetish is a sign of mental weakness or illness. It's also one of those fetishes that irreversibly changes your life for the worse when enacted.

| >>596147
strong and aggressive individuals survive way better than a faggot whose entire sexual ideal consists of being screwed over, cuckold.

| >>596237 if it's a sex apocalypse, sure

>>596164 i don't think you get that people do it because they like it

| >>596241 they like being losers, that's pretty much being mentally weak.
But I blame the current state of society that romantize weakness and victimization.

| >>596241
People also like doing drugs. They have a crossed dopamine wire in their heads, I'm not blaming them for being broken. But that does not mean they aren't broken or mentally ill.

| >>595846
Just because I stare at my sister's ass and tits doesn't mean I want to be cucked.

| How are you guys so knowledgeable about this stuff, I thought it was mainly just an act for porn?


Are you saying we can not fuck your sister?

| >>596130 >>596164 >>596237

I'ma be 100% honest whenever I see shit like this it makes me think the poster is incredibly insecure, like seriously an apocalypse? Where exactly is an apocalypse going to come from?

Russia? Guess what, we'll just nuke each other off the planet no survivers.

China? They're more interested in financial espionage than a fucking war.

What's left? Zombies? So now your quivering in fear at the horror movie and pretending to be macho afterwards, nice

| >>596394
ok cuck

| >>596441 fucking hilarious, who thought the insecure person who's obsessed with being "alpha" would only have the mental fortitude to respond with a single word insult, what a surprise!

There's really nothing in there huh m8?

| >>596394 ok then let's forget the apocalypse and say you're on a date and suddenly some thugs try to mug you
Would you rather have a strong chad to beat the crap out of the muggers(or at least die while allowing you to escape) or a weak cuck that will piss his pants run away without you and watch from a distance the thugs rape you while they masturbate thinking how hot it is to be cucked by rapists?

| >>596550 again, fetishes aren't personality; and if they actually do the second scenario the problem isn't that they're a cuck, it's that they're just a bad as the other perpetrators

| Cucks are stupid, they go through the trouble of getting into a relationship when they could just become voyeurs instead if they like seeing other people having sex anyway

| I am not a fan of cuck/NTR stuff, but if others want to be one, I'll be glad. I mean, If you bang a cuck's wife/husband, everyone is happy. You get the action, the cuck gets their fetish satisfied, and the wife/husband gets to fucc while also make satisfy their parter.

| >>596556
fetishes are personality

| >>596464

| >>596550 well your conflating week with cuck, just because someone has a fetish doesn't force them to have a specific body type, skill set, or personality, so it would depend on the person, how many thugs, and what weapons are on each side, aka what decides every other fight

Besides if it's some ultra muscle dude who just used a bunch of roids I'd rather have a cuck who runs two gun matches any day

| >>596622 citation please

>>596623 please see>>596464

| >>596464 you're way more insecure if you feel the need to respond to a single word insult every time, cuck

| >>596649 are you so meek that you don't respond to those taking to you?

Or perhaps you just really want to insult me simply because I disagree; have you considered that being tribal isn't going to help these arguments?

| >>596651 super cuck
rage some more and dace for me, clown. DANCE!!!

| >>596654 >>596464

| >>596655 mega cuck
Also >>596649
YES YES YES! More more! Entertain me more you little puppet!!!!!!!!!!!! Keep dancing to my amusement!

| >>596656 >>596655

| Gotta admit it's pretty amusing how much rage you have for a post with only numbers

| >>596657 >>596656 >>596656 >>596656 >>596656 >>596656 >>596656 >>596656 >>596656 >>596656 >>596656 >>596656 >>596656 >>596656 >>596656 >>596656 >>596656 >>596656 >>596656
Also, you're giga cuck
the weak of mind are so easy to manipulate, heed my unspoken commands! Do what I will you to, I wonder how long it will be before you break?

| >>596659 >>596657 I gotta go to sleep I'll post more numbers when I wake up bb

| >>596660 done already?
Awww man, my toys never last for long.

| >>596661 >>596657 morning

| >>596705 Morning!>>596659 >>596659 >>596659

| >>596727 aww no more long responses to posts with no words

I never understood why people claim to be baiting but put more effort in than those who they think are being baited

| >>596753 Ha, you activated my trap card!
Since you decided to break the text chain you have to discard seven cards from the top of your deck and use a cuck token on your extra deck monster zone and you can't ban or destroy it through effects nor can you use it as a tribute to summon another monster!

| I can't schlick to this.

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