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Is your cum transparent or white?

| I fear my ejaculate is too transparent. Does that mean I am infertile?

| That's what it means?
Guess I have to commit seppuku, a man with a dull sword is a disgrace to humankind...

| Like, a good mix.

| I love sex.

| Really depends on a shitload of stuff.
Depends on how well I've been the past few weeks, and how
> s t i m u l a t i n g
it was...
also, prostate palpation

| >>595459
Beeing infertile is something different to beeing impotent. Some men even do a vasectomy, so that they can fuck around without increasing the world population. A very honourable, responsible and exemplary doing.

| >>595670 but I need to help repopulate and permeate my genes, that's why I was born

| >>595672 bullshit, you was born to fuck 'em all! *insert pokémon theme*

| >>595456
Stop masturbating so much.

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This thread is permanently archived