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just found out not everyone has a penis sweater

| Are you for fucking real?

| >>594470 are you... are you referring to foreskin?

| Are we talking about a sweater with penis stamp or a mini sweater made to put on your penis when it's cold?

| Yes op, in fact it's more common to not have it in the United States because doctors like to collect babies foreskin

| Yes.. I never really questioned it until I saw some cute penis with foreskin. Now I have a foreskin complex

| What's with you americans and this creepy foreskin obsession?

| >>594540 The guy who invented cornflakes promoted circumcision so people wouldn't masturbate themselves into hell

| >>594673
( ´_ゝ`)
sned hlep fsat

| >>594673 can vouch this being true

| Graham crackers were also implicated

| Jokes on them, I love Graham crackers AND beating my cock relentlessly

| >>594740 Well, partly Corn Flakes were to reduce sperm count/production. And goes the same with Mountain Dew.

| >>594751 I jerk into my bowl of cornflakes and drink mountain dew got lunch so the jokes on them

| >>594673 shame on him. I'm circumcised and I'm still jerking myself off into hell using degenerate invention called lube

| i think we should all take up knitting and make cute little penis sweaters for the unfortunate. we can become a nonprofit

| >>595019
I'm not circumcised, and I would love a cute little penis sweater! I agre with going nonprofit, but we shouldn't stop at just the unfortunate ones. We should bless the entire world!

| >>595156
what if we made hats that matched the sweaters too? a hat for every penis

| >>595173
Yes! I love it!

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