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i woke up with a dick

| send help

| Jack off

| Stay calm. I am a trained certified professional at this. I have already phoned emergency response services to send you immediate help. Please, allow me to further assess the situation to help keep you responsive for the emergency services.
I need you to tell me: when and how you fell asleep. And, tell me what the dick is doing to you, right now. >>594379

| Is it currently within hands reach? Have you always felt like this? Are you able to breathe correctly? Is there any white liquids near, or on your body? Are you currently on any medication/alcohol? How many fingers am I holding up? >>594378

| >>594381 I can dot it too

| >>594380 wooooooo I was mentioned in the past and I'm in the futuuuuuuuuuuuuuuure!!!!!!!!

| >>594378 I fell asleep on my bed last night. The dick is doing nothing in particular, but I feel weird when trying to beat him during interrogation process. It is within my hands reach. Now that you mentioned it, this dick looks somewhat familiar. I am breathing correctly. There is some white liquid and Astolfo doujinshi near myself, but they are probably unrelated. I am not drunk or on medication. You're holding 69 fingers.

| I am not gonna make it, am I?

| No worries, what you experienced it is what I've predicted. You will be back to normal in no time flat. I have seen this case very often and treated many others patients who go through the same problem as you. I will provide you help if you so desire. Or you can opt-out and wait for the to-be-summoned dick response team. What they will do for you will be done more professionally than my own constraints of being one person aiding you.

| But if you opt-in, as a part of my certified training, it is required that I give your dick CPR until they arrive. If you feel any dire effects during the CPR process, do let me know so I can re-adjust my mouth technique.
The symptoms of the dick will not be long term, apart from me giving it CPR, resulting your dick to be long...turned. I ask you not to move during this process until the team arrives. I will do my best to insure you maximum comfort.

| >>594394 thank you doctor

| did the dick response team arrive in time? please update did the g/u/rl make it????

| >>af4212 Just one minor variance I forgot to include, what page number was the Astolfo doujinshi turned to? This may drastically change the whole aiding process completely, And you may require healing from other worldly beings in other mythical ways on which the presence of me nor the emergency dick response team can handle.... We may have a larger unknown issue on our hands.

| My ID apparently changed from >>cd7ce5 to>>6607fe

| >>594722 it was at the 259877th page.

I am so dead.

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