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what's your sexuality


| Bisexual

| Zanesexual

| Attack helicopter

| faggot

| 61.23kg

| Jenga

| Marisa kirisame

| i'm pansexual and it's great

really manly men rarely do it for me but there's just so much else to enjoy i'm spoiled

| Hetro

| I'm a man and I love women, therefore my sexuality is "as intended by nature"
You faggots can go enjoy your mental disturbs on your own

| >>594298 Same as this g/u/rl

| >>594298 I'm pan but the kind of boys I like aren't common in real life :<
It doesn't help that I useually don't like people taller than me, but I'm also 5ft4

| >>594337 lol, such a convenient excuse
"I'm pansyxual but the kind of boy I like doesn't exist so I only date girls"

| Hella confused, probably bisexual/pansexual (still not clear about the difference)

| >>3e702b "everything has to fit in a neat box for my comfort, nuance and preference does not waver from the most simple version I cook up in my head because humans are just binary robots"

| >>594352 I'm nitpicking on the retard that wants to jump in the infinitysexual bandwagon without really thinking it through.

If you or anyone else is truly pansexual or whatever is unrelated, but saying "I'm pansexual but the males I like don't exist" is as retarded as the idiotic weebs who say they only like 2D women

| >>3e702b in my defense I thought you were replying to>>d3bb03 because I failed at looking, oops

| >>594355
Aren't common ≠ don't exist. Just saying. I get your point, but you changed a detail of what they said that was pretty important.

| >>594357 I meant this>>594298

gonna stop digging the hole deeper now

| >>594298 >>594337 >>594339 >>594351
so you fuck frying pans then

you are all worthless and immensely disappointing

| >>594414

| >>594414
imagine judging someone's worth for their sexuality

| I think I’m pretty straight but you never know

| I'm Miku sexual, I'm only attracted to Hatsune Miku

| only little girls... little girls are great but alwwys not being with one makes me want to die...

| I'm shysexual. I'm only attracted to shy people

| >>3e702b you think I want to jump on a bandwagon? I despise mostother pan people. They make this shit into "I don't care about your physical body, its your ~personality~ that counts", and act stupidly righteous. I meet people who support most LGBT but will hear that I'm pan and instantly think I'm a prick. I don't 'see through' anyone's physical appearance, I'm just attracted to anybody's cute butt.
>>594414 correct

| >>594548 then you're not pansexual you little piece of shit, get the terms straight, you're buttsexual

| I'm only attracted to 2D waifus

| >>594526
They certainly are.

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