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Horny tells

| Hey g/u/ls, do you have any non-sexual involuntary tells and ticks when you become aroused? What are they?
I may lightly sneeze once or twice, completely out of place but after that can feel the muscles pulsing

| I usually get a boner

| I usually suck on boners

| I usually get a girl boner

| That's an interesting question. If I'm in public I start to act a bit weirdly: I lose concentration, look around myself a lot, bend down my body and head a bit to "hide". Also I may put my hands between my thighs as if they felt cold or lay them on my chest in a weird "cat" way with my fingers bent into "paws". And yes, this is not a joke. That's how my body reacts to unwanted hornyness.

| >>594052 that's both hot and super cute

| >>594052 I too do the hands between the thighs thing

| i dunno, i get really wet when i do sports. But i'm not feeling that aroused, probs the adrenaline. After that tho, my underwear feels disgusting and i get a mini wedgy. bleh.
>i'm slightly aroused tho
I just run to the nearest bathroom

| Boner, hard nipples, heavy breathing


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This thread is permanently archived