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Tomg/u/rl and femboy

| Hey g/u/rls, I just wanna know what you think of femboy/tomgirl, want to see if I'm not weird.

| I love both. Though I may like tomgirls a bit more, behind big sisters and milfs.

| 100% love.
Great conbo.
Tol tomboy smol femboy.

| Both are great and wonderful

Gender roles are fucking dumb anyway

| Useless , utter complete useless shit
Can't even get a boner from them, useless

| >>594107
try viagra and see a doctor

| why would anyone want a tomg/u/rl ?
as in so flat she looks like a girl?
then, loli right ?
or a girl that acts like a boy ?

| >>594325
tomgurl doesn't need to be flat.
Girl that acts boyish.
personally i like girls who are sporty and muscular.

| Now I'm thoroughly confused...
I thought tomgirl was a dude that acts girlish and tomboy was a girls that acts acts boyish

| >>594335 no your right, tomgirl is the mirror to tomboy

| I want to rustle the hair of a cute femboy in a large hoodie!

| Disg/u/ting.

| You know, I'm something of a boy lover myself

| >>594559 ^

| >>594330
Isn't that a tomboy, then ?

| Tomboy is a Girl that acts boyish
Tomgirl is a Boy who acts gurlish
We got that, good

| >>594595
Then the post i replied to didn't make any sense, did it ???

| I always thought it should be Janegirl for boy equiv of Tomboy... Tomgirl doesn't make sense?

| >>594600 what about Tomboy and Jerrygirl?

| >>594598 nah I didn't

| >>594602 IT DIDNT* God I suck at spelling

| Tomboy x Tomgirl
best pairing UwU

| I'm fond of Tomgirl x Tomgirl myself UwU

| >>594603
Now THAT makes perfect sense.

| >>594683
I'm not trying to be rude btw... erm that was weird. God I'm so weird...

| Tomboy and Tomgirl pairings are easily the best

| Tomboy can be really nice. Not a big fan of tomgirl though. Not really into dudes.

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