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| This morning me and my little sister were ready to go to school at the same time. I know which way she takes to her school and the first 100 metres or so are the same for me and her, so I waited a while to avoid her (she's rather annoying).

I started walking and was well past the point where our paths separate when a saw a younger girl walking in front of me. I thought she looked rather attractive. After a little while she turned around and said "Hi! Do you take this way too?"

You should be able to guess who it was.

If this is a joke from some sort of deity I'm not finding it funny. It's actually pretty frustrating. One time? I don't mind. It happens. But a second time? That's fucked. That's just fucked.

| I told you to just bagged her head

| >>593619
I should.


| I just got off thinking about her. I feel sick. I should genuinely kill myself.

| It's not funny anymore after the 2nd "accidentally attracted to my little sister" thread.

Either go fuck her, go seek professional help, or cut your dick.

| >>593614 it's okay to like your sister's body, it's not okay to like your sister. You'll be fine.

| >>593799
No. No, it really isn't.

Yeah, I will. It's not fun though.

| do you have a crush/obsession with her or do you just find her attractive? you can live with simply finding her attractive but if you have a crush on her youre going to have a bad time...

| >>593962
Just attractive.

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This thread is permanently archived