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| Has anyone here ever bought a doujin IRL?
I've always wondered how it's like. It just sounds weird, like so many people in one place buying hentai in comiket or something.

| Conventions generally have doujins with varying age rating so people wouldn't just assume you're there to buy lewds, unless there's an 18+ section or something. The con I went to didn't have anything like that though, and you can't tell which booth sells lewd stuff unless you look really close (like, look for the "R-18" logo on the books-close) or you studied the event layout beforehand which is a must if you have a fave artist.

| My friend bought a doujin at AX
>Mating with Oni by Shinodo
I was surprised at the quality as the paper was very tough and although it has a paper cover it still had protective plastic.
Would start a hidden doujin collection

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This thread is permanently archived