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Am i gay?

| Am I gay if I'm attracted to anime boys?

| Only if you forget to say "no homo" after fapping

| probably a little bit bc anime is the ideal image in a way. You like men in their ideal state which means you're gay/bi but picky when it comes to guys

| Anime boys are hotter than IRL boys. I don't blame you


| >>593078 you ok?

| Yes.

| Ngl this kinda gay

| But like I'd still tap

| I'm not saying I'd fuck an anime boy but I'd fuck an anime boy

| The absolute state of dangeru.us

| >>593131 oshit you right

| >>592964

It doesn't work afterwards. Found out the hard way

| Don't worry buddy. I was lesbian for Tae Takemi and Sakura Futaba until I got a boyfriend (who also loves the girls) ^_^

| Boys arent welcome here

| If he's cute it's not gay. ever.

| >>592963 Do you like boys in real life?

| >>593635 You either are lesbian or not, it doesn't just disappear.

| >>593952 or bisexual

| >>593965

| Wait, how can OP be gay if there are no boys on the internet? Is OP not a g/u/rl!?

| yes

| Is liking Astolfo gay tho

| Not gonna lie, bit gay mate
But hey, iz okay

| >>593991 it's a common phenomenon where a gurl gets a boner from watching 2 anime boys huddle and starts thinking they are a boy themselves

| >>593970
(how does that even work lol)

| I'm monstersexual, I only want sex with monster girls

| >>594662
(dicks, vaginas, ww2 warships, gundam)

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