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i need to speak to the ceo of sex

| i know you are reading this. come and fight me you coward.

| Come and fight me yourself you whiny bitch

| >>592936 i can't read

| the older i get the less i understand

| I love sex.

| >>592943 sex sex love I I I sex Love?

| >
Hello, you have reached the Sex enterprise hotline. To speak with a representative, please dial "6". If you have a question, comment, or concern regarding Sex enterprise, please dial "9". *beep*

| >>593041

| End sex

| You can't speak to the ceo while the security are busy plugging your throat with fat cock

| >>593206
You monster dont you dare

| if i cant have sex no one can...

| just got off the phone with the CEO of sex... not good

| You Can't, You need more P O W E R

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This thread is permanently archived